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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is a "customized cleaning service?”
    At C.C. Cleaning Services, we tailor our cleaning services to suit your schedule, your budget, and your company’s cleaning needs, for a service set that’s truly "custom.” We can even schedule particular cleaning services on particular days!

  2. Are products you use environmentally safe?           
    The health and safety of our clients, our employees, and our planet is of the utmost importance to us. C.C. only uses products that have been tested to be environmentally safe.

  3. What are your hiring practices?
    At C.C. Cleaning Services, we thoroughly pre-screen our associates to ensure their honesty and integrity. We also train our staff thoroughly to ensure that every job is completed to our clients’ full satisfaction.

  4. Can one service really handle my cleaning needs?
    C.C.’s specially trained supervisors and employees are experts in their cleaning discipline. We guarantee that every job will be completed according to your specifications, and that you will be satisfied.

  5. Is owner involvement important?
    President Marcellus Sharpe is personally involved with the day-to-day operation of C. C. Cleaning Services, and is 100% committed to high-quality service.

  6. Are your employees well-trained? Our employees undergo a rigorous training program including video training, chemical safety training, and on-the-job training.  To protect your company’s investments, only senior staff with job experience of 15 years or more are permitted to perform carpet cleaning and floor stripping services.

  7. How are your employees managed? For any job that requires multiple employees on site, we assign a supervisor to coordinate services and ensure efficiency.  All employees report to our management on a regular basis.

  8. Should my cleaning service be insured?
    C.C. Cleaning Services is fully bonded and insured to protect our clients and employees.

  9. How can I make sure I continue to receive quality service?
    C.C. Cleaning Services will forward a "How Are We Doing?”  Questionnaire with your monthly invoice; this feedback allows us to continually improve the quality of our services.  Additionally, President Marsellus Sharpe and our management team are available to address your questions and concerns at all times.

  10. Do you have 24-hour emergency service?
    C.C. Cleaning Services offers 24/7 emergency service to all our active clients.

  11. Is Customized Cleaning Services a reputable organization?
    C.C. Cleaning Services is an active member of the Greater Providence Chamber of Commerce. We are happy to provide a list of current references to each potential client.

  12. Are your cleaning personnel presentable?
    C.C. Cleaning Services employees are uniformed and trained to provide top quality services in a professional manner.