c.c security services

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What type of security do I need?
    C.C. Security will evaluate your situation, conduct a thorough site evaluation, and recommend the best possible security solution. We provide security for a wide variety of companies in a range of settings, including remote or temporary job sites, and can offer 24/7 staffing options.

  2. Why should I consider using a security service to reduce inventory shrinkage?
    C.C. Security provides worry-free protection for your staff and clients.  Because we provide manpower and equipment, and manage the entire security operation, our services are also highly cost-effective.

  3. How much do security services cost?
    C.C. Security will create a fee schedule to meet your specific needs and budget.

  4. Will I have to schedule officers myself?
    Once you've decided on a schedule, C.C. Security Management will handle everything else. Our officers are always prompt and dependable—we guarantee it.

  5. Who can I call if I have a question?
    C.C. Security clients have 24 hour access to field supervisors and C.C. Security Management.

  6. How many officers will I need?
    The estimated number of officers necessary to secure a site is based on the findings of our initial site evaluation. C.C. Security Management works with every client to mutually determine their security requirements.

  7. Are additional officers and services available if the need arises?
    C.C. Security can accommodate ALL situations that may require additional security coverage. You can increase or decrease your security coverage with a simple phone call.

  8. How are officers selected?
    Our officers undergo a rigorous application and pre-screening process to insure that our clients always receive the highest quality coverage. Several of our employees are former military personnel.

  9. Is your service reputable?
    C.C. Security is an active member of the Rhode Island Chambers of Commerce. We are happy to provide a current list of references to each potential client.

  10. Should my security service be insured?
    C.C. Security is fully bonded and insured to protect our clients and our employees.

  11. Why should I choose C.C. Security Corporation?
    CC. Security Corporation is Rhode Island's complete security firm. Our motto is, "If we can't help you, nobody can!"